How to Enroll

Our admissions process consists of the following steps:

  1. Submit your contact information. Within 24 hours, we email you a sales voicemail challenge to show off your phone presence (with resources to prepare).
  2. Complete the sales voicemail challenge when you're ready.
  3. Submit a sales assessment & bootcamp application. You will receive the materials after successfully completing the voicemail challenge.
  4. Complete an onsite interview with members of our training and placement team. 
  5. Within two days, we make a decision.  


Step One: Contact From

Estimated Time for Completion: 2 Minutes

Fill out our contact form on the right.


Step Two: Sales Voicemail Challenge

Estimated Time for Completion: 20 Minutes

After you've completed step 1 and have given us your email we will send you the instructions for the first piece of course work. Leave us a 30 second voicemail to show off your phone presence. You do not need to have sales experience to be sucessful in this step. The main thing is being detailed-oriented and executing on the instructions & tips provided. 

You will create an elevator pitch for the challenge. An elevator pitch is a crucial skill in sales. It’s the ability to turn a chance meeting, say, in an elevator, into a formal opportunity to drive business. It has to be concise and to the point; you might only have a couple of seconds to grasp someone’s attention and pique their interest.

Right now the product is yourself. When you are asked, “Tell me about yourself,” you should hear, “Sell me on yourself.” Be ready to tell a great story.


Step Three: Submit an Application

Estimated Time for Completion: 30 Minutes

After you've completed steps one and two, you will help us understand your goals by filling out our application. 

Please note that there will be questions that you may not know. Don't worry, we like to tell our students that resourcefulness and coachbility is key to sucess. This means feel free to look up information, try your best, and get ready to learn. 


Step Four: Join us for an Onsite Interview

Estimated Time for Completion: 60 Minutes

After your voicemail and application have been completed (and approved), we'll invite you to an onsite interview at our office in Downtown San Francisco. 

We will use this time to give you a brief tour, understand your goals & expectations, and answer any questions you may have. However, we also recommend checking out our FAQs to get a headstart. 


Step Five: Enrollment Decision 

By executing on the previous steps, you are already part of the top 30% of applicants. Congrats, we'll be in touch soon!